Prayer of Thankfulness and Preparation

Soverign Lord, I praise you for your supremacy. All authority is yours. You are the rightful ruler of all. Thank you for prompting your church to help the poor and needy in so many ways. Thank you for those who have offered encouragement in the form of words, prayers, gifts, and service during this time of preparation. I pray that this tool might be a source of blessing for those whose heart is broken for our brothers and sisters in Haiti. According to your word, I pray for the Hatian people: answer them in their distress; protect them with your name; send help; grant support; help them rise up and stand firm; fill them with joy and peace as they trust in you; help them overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit; fill them with the knowledge of your will through all wisdom and understanding, endurance and patience. May your cause prosper among the nations so that in everything you might be glorified in Christ Jesus. Amen.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Clinic at Chambrun

This morning we arrived at the clinic and many poeple were lined up waiting. There were only 2 medical people (me and a doctor) and two people to run the pharmacy. We each had a translator. The boy that helped me today was wonderful. His name is Mo. He was a University student and loves God! He is living in a tent and says he is not sleeping. He lays in bed thinking about how his life has changed and worries about his family. I would love to take him home and send him to school. He knows French, Spanish, Croele and English. He helped ask the women questions all day about very personal problems and was so gentle and sweet.
After we were there for only 15 minutes all of the sudden everyone was screaming and running out. The translators said it was an aftershock. The kids were crying and scared to death. I couldn't help but cry with them. I have never seen such fear.
So...we were busy all day and had to turn people away at the end of the day. The hardest part is that many children have stomach aches and when you ask them when they ate last they say yesterday sometime. Because the school is closed right now, the kids do not get a meal every day. And there is nothing we can do about that. We cannot give out food because there would be a riot. We can only give worm medicine and Zantac for stomach aches. They really need food.
The school cannot open until the government says they can. The pastor thinks they can open March 15th. Then the kids will get one meal a day.
Then a woman came in with a baby. They had been waiting for 4 hours and when she unwrapped the baby I gasped. This baby was skin and bones. She was a month old and I didn't think she was alive. Her mom died at birth and her dad's girlfriend was caring for the baby. We think she was neglecting her on purpose. They rushed her to Miami Dade and they did not want to keep her. I cannot imagine that she wil live.
So we saw 120 people between the 2 of us.
I have been riding in the back of a pickup truck every day. The roads are very bumpy, but the breeze is great.
One day down. 3 to go.
Don't have the energy to post a picture tonight.


  1. Dearest Robin,

    I am praying and crying for you and the people you have been seeing today. We have no idea how much we take for granted, being able to eat when we want and there are so many in such dire circumstances, starving and needing medical attention.

    Did you feel the aftershock today? I can imagine what an ordeal that was for all of them and you.

    I pray that your faith will strengthen those you help every day and that you will feel our prayers and God's power uplifting you.

    Much Love, Dotty

  2. My lovely daughter, I am still here and praying for you. Hang in there,,, God will supply you with the strenght through HIS Holy Spirit. Your Dad