Prayer of Thankfulness and Preparation

Soverign Lord, I praise you for your supremacy. All authority is yours. You are the rightful ruler of all. Thank you for prompting your church to help the poor and needy in so many ways. Thank you for those who have offered encouragement in the form of words, prayers, gifts, and service during this time of preparation. I pray that this tool might be a source of blessing for those whose heart is broken for our brothers and sisters in Haiti. According to your word, I pray for the Hatian people: answer them in their distress; protect them with your name; send help; grant support; help them rise up and stand firm; fill them with joy and peace as they trust in you; help them overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit; fill them with the knowledge of your will through all wisdom and understanding, endurance and patience. May your cause prosper among the nations so that in everything you might be glorified in Christ Jesus. Amen.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cute Kids in the clinic

Here are some of the children that I saw today. We saw 200 people between the 3 of us. We have seen so much scabies that we are out of medication for tomorrow. There is no way for the families to wash sheets and dry them to get rid of the scabies, so it seems sort of futile.
We saw many girls this week who are pregnant. It would be a very difficult time to be pregnant in Haiti. IT is also very difficult to be old here. Many of the old people have tumors and health conditions that would be fixed if they lived in the states. They are sleeping on the ground when they are already hurting form just old age. I took care of a girl who is in the process of loosing a baby but cannot afford to go to the hospital. In Haiti, if you do not have money they will not treat you. We asked her to come back tomorrow and check in with us. We prescribed antibiotics for her but if she does not deliver completely she may die from infection. She said she has been pregnant since December. After I did her pregnancy test and it was negative, she began to cry. I just sat and held her hand for a while and told her I was so sorry.
I also saw a young man who has not been sleeping well since the earthquake. He looked very sad and said he is frightened all of the time. I asked him if I could pray with him and I prayed through the interpreter. I have been praying with a lot of the people throughout the day. It is such a blessing!
The camp team saw a woman who lost her husband in the quake. She has 6 children and was looking for a tarp for her and her children to sleep under. The doctor said that she has never seen anyone who looked more hopeless.
So one more day to try to bring hope to the hopeless.

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